Activating Payment Methods

There are two settings areas where you need to activate the payment methods that you want to accept on your website. 

The Stripe Dashboard and the Plugin Settings

1. Stripe Dashboard

We suggest to read this section in full before attempting to activate payment methods in the Stripe Dashboard. 

To check if your payment settings are properly activated, login to the Stripe Dashboard and go the Settings > Payment Methods.

If your desired payment options are properly enabled, they will have the "Live" badge next to them. 

If they aren't activated, click the "Activate" button to enable the payment option or apply for activation.

For WeChat Pay, there is an application you have to fill out to activate. Be sure your business is compliant with the WeChat Payment System User Service Agreement when answering these questions. 

2.Plugin Settings

The second area where you need to make sure you have activated the payment methods is the WP Stripe Global plugin settings page. 

Below are details about activating payment methods. You can also read the setup instructions for step-by-step details on setting up the plugin. 

For WeChat and Alipay payments to be activated, you will need to have a premium license or free trial. 

Go to the left side of the WordPress Dashboard and select WP Stripe Global. 

Select the "Payment Options" tab and check all the boxes next to each payment option. Be sure to click "Save Changes". 

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