WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is one of the most widely used payment methods in China. Accepting WeChat Pay on your website can expose your business to a huge number of potential customers by offering a familiar payment method to your customers. 

Why Stripe + WeChat Pay?

Stripe has created a partnership with WeChat Pay that allows you or your business to accept international (cross-border) payments from Chinese consumers. 

Identity Verification restrictions

The WeChat Pay + Stripe partnership means that only Chinese consumers with identity verified WeChat accounts can make payments. 

Users of WeChat and Alipay that have not verified their identity cannot make payments via this Stripe integration. This is simply because of the current partnership between Stripe and WeChat and/or Chinese regulations do not allow this. 

Unverified WeChat users will receive an error message if they attempt to make a payment on your website and do not have a verified WeChat account. 

If this payment situation changes in the future, we will update our documentation. 

Cross-Border Settlements

Verified WeChat Pay users who make a payment are considered to be making a "foreign transaction". This is because they are Chinese consumers paying a foreign entity (you or your business) through your Stripe account integration. 

To facilitate this foreign transaction, WeChat Pay uses cross-border settlement. This means that WeChat Pay users will pay in their local currency, CNY, and then WeChat will send your Stripe account the exact amount you charged in your Stripe account's local currency. 

For example, let's say you're selling a product or service for $100 on your website. The payment form will display $100 and the forecasted CNY exchange rate. When the WeChat Pay user clicks "Submit Payment" and scans the QR code with WeChat, they will see the $100 converted into CNY and pay the equivalent amount in CNY. WeChat Pay handles the exchange rate. 

Your Stripe account will show the payment method as WeChat Pay and the amount received in your account will be $100. Stripe then deducts transaction fees

You will not pay any exchange rate fees. The exchange rate is handled for the customer by WeChat Pay. 

For the rest of the details about how it works, please see our User Experience documentation. 

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