Why are payments for WeChat and Alipay getting refunded?

If you’re using API keys, this may be the problem:

After a User finishes the transaction, Stripe needs to reach your Stripe Endpoint URL in order to finish the process, otherwise, Stripe will not finish the process and refund the transaction.

The Endpoint URL looks something like this:


So, if your payment was refunded, maybe there's something blocking the Stripe Endpoint URL. This could be one of the following reasons:

- Your WordPress  Stripe Endpoint URL is protected behind Nginx or apache security protection requiring a user/password as shown below:

- Your Dashboard is down for some reason.

- Any other reason why your Stripe Endpoint URL is not available at that moment.

How do I test if the  Stripe Endpoint URL is available?

- Open a new incognito window in your browser.

- Go to your WordPress Dashboard

- If you don't see the standard WordPress Login screen and you see something else, then it's probably not available for Stripe and it won't complete the transaction.

To fix the problem, get rid of any obstacle between Stripe and your Stripe Endpoint URL or you can use Stripe Connect, click here to see how to use it, and the issue should be solved.

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