Embeddable Payment Buttons
Here's how to set up WeChat Pay and Alipay with Embeddable Payment Buttons and a popup payment form using China Payments Plugin on your WordPress site.
Make sure you've already followed the Setup Process before proceeding.
To enable payment buttons with a popup payment form anywhere on your site, use this shortcode and follow the activation steps below:
Click here for shortcode customization options.

1. Go to the left side of the WordPress Dashboard and select China Payments.

2. Select the "Payment Options" tab and check all the boxes next to each payment option. Make sure to click "Save Changes."

China Payments Plugin Settings for Payment Options
For WeChat and Alipay payments to be activated, you need to have a premium license.
See how it looks for your customers on the frontend in the checkout flow documentation for Embeddable Payment Buttons.
Last modified 3mo ago