WeChat Pay UX

When your customers check out with WeChat Pay, they will follow the below steps. The specific UX they experience is a bit different if they're on a mobile device or desktop device. 

Desktop Device UX

Step 1

The customer selects WeChat Pay from the payment options, and the payment form appears. 

Step 2

The customer must complete the WeChat Pay payment form. 

Step 3

After clicking "Submit Payment", an unique QR code is generated for the customer to scan.

Because the customer is using a  desktop device, the customer must scan the QR code with their WeChat mobile app. 

Step 4

Scan the QR with your Mobile Device.

Step 5

Authorize the payment.

Thank you page

After completing payment through the WeChat mobile app, the customer is then redirected to your designated "Thank You page" in their mobile device browser. The QR code generated by the form on the desktop device is no longer valid. 

Mobile Device UX

The main difference for the mobile experience is that the customer must take a screenshot of the QR code with their mobile OS and then open the screenshot in the WeChat mobile app. This process is widely used by Chinese consumers. 

More details + screenshots coming soon. 

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