Currency Conversion API

WeChat Pay and Alipay only support the default currency of your Stripe account, so we built a currency conversion API to show the right price to your customers before checkout.

Obviously, Chinese customers much prefer to see CNY on checkout when purchasing online. This is true for every consumer purchasing online. Your national currency is generally the most familiar and most comfortable to you.

If your payment form displays a currency other than CNY, this will lead to a bad checkout process for Chinese customers who will wonder:

"Why are payments appearing in USD (or another currency) and not in CNY?"

To solve this problem, we created an integration with a free currency conversion API, which you can setup in the plugin settings under the "Currency" tab. This API integration converts the amount on your payment form (in whatever currency your Stripe account uses) and displays the approximate CNY equivalent for your customers BEFORE they scan the WeChat Pay QR code or get redirected to Alipay.

If you're using WooCommerce, this is an example of what the currency conversion looks like on the checkout page:

WeChat and Alipay convert the payment amount to CNY when the customer goes to the next step of the payment process. This means the currency conversion API is optional, and it is strictly up to you if you want to use it to optimize your checkout flow so your Chinese customers are aware of what they will pay on the next step.

We have plans to add the currency conversion to the Single Product Page and Product Archive pages in WooCommerce, based on customer needs, so please contact support if you'd like us to streamline this feature.

Unfortunately, the currency options can be a bit limiting due to Stripe restrictions, but if you have any further questions please contact support.

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