How do I set up Stripe Webhooks?
Once you've connected in Stripe in LIVE and TEST modes, you'll see the option to configure Webhook Settings.
Webhooks are recommended because they simply create a more reliable communication method with Stripe to verify and confirm payments have been processed. This applies in particular to the automatic flow followed by WooCommerce Order Completion.
Webhook Settings must be configured or LIVE and TEST modes independently. Please follow the instructions for both the LIVE and TEST modal popup windows, as they each have unique Webhook URLs.
Webhook Settings Links
Go to your Stripe Webhooks Settings, and enter the Webhook URL for the Endpoint URL and select the payment_intent.succeeded event to listen to. Your settings should be configured like this:
Configured Endpoint URL and Event
Click Add Endpoint, and then Reveal your Signing Secret:
Reveal Stripe Signing Secret
Paste the Signing Secret into the plugin Webhook Settings:
Webhook Signing Secret
Be sure to click Save Settings, and follow the exact same process for both LIVE and TEST modes.
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