How do I join the BETA?

Here's how to join the BETA of China Payments Plugin for early access to new releases and features.

In the WordPress Dashboard, you can opt-in to the beta program directly from your Account page by simply checking this box and agreeing to the disclaimer prompt:

To access the BETA, you must be "opted-in" for marketing in case we need to alert you about potential issues. If you're not opted-in and you don't see the checkbox, you can go to the WordPress Dashboard Plugins page and then click "Opt-in" under the plugin's title China Payments Plugin.

The BETA is available to folks using free or paid plans with corresponding BETA features available for each plan. Sometimes only the paid plugin may have a new BETA feature at any given time, so the free version BETA may be the same as the latest stable release.

The BETA is a development version of the plugin. We do not guarantee it will work in all environments and may cause issues on your site. Be sure you have a stable backup handy before installing the BETA version. Please contact support to report any issues you may encounter.

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