This is an overview of the WeChat Pay and Alipay checkout flow for MemberPress using China Payments Plugin.
Since WeChat Pay and Alipay don't support recurring subscriptions out of the box, it's only possible to sell non-recurring Memberships at this point. Members can manually renew by signing up for the Membership again.
You should ignore any trial periods, discount periods, etc, and charge your members the full price of one cycle. Alternatively, you can disable WeChat Pay and Alipay for recurring Memberships.
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    Activate MemberPress and China Payments Plugin, and be sure you've connected your Stripe account.
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    After you've activated WeChat Pay and Alipay for MemberPress in the MemberPress Payment Settings, the payment methods will appear on the front-end:
WeChat Pay & Alipay on MemberPress Checkout
For Alipay, customers will be redirected to the Alipay website or Alipay mobile app to complete payment.
For WeChat Pay, customers will be redirected to scan a QR code - they should physically scan the QR code with the WeChat Mobile app camera function:
WeChat Pay for MemberPress QR Code
Upon payment completion, customers will be redirected to the payment confirmation page, where they can then login to take advantage of their new Membership.
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