This page covers everything you need to know about the China Payments Plugin + WooCommerce integration.

Setting up WeChat Pay and Alipay for WooCommerce

In order for WooCommerce orders to process correctly, Webhooks must be configured properly.

Feel free to read the documentation below or watch this video that covers everything you need to know about setting up WooCommerce integration for China Payments Plugin.

To setup WooCommerce, follow these instructions:

Make sure you've already followed the Setup Process before proceeding.

To activate WeChat Pay and Alipay for WooCommerce, ensure you have WooCommerce installed.

Go to the WooCommerce Payment Settings, and enable WeChat Pay by China Payments Plugin and Alipay by China Payments Plugin.

Under "WeChat Pay by China Payments Plugin", you'll see these settings:

The currency of the WooCommerce checkout must match the payout currency of your Stripe account.

Update the Description and Message boxes to change what appears on the frontend during the checkout process.

Under "Alipay by China Payments Plugin", you'll see these settings:

See how these settings look for your customers on the frontend in the checkout flow documentation for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Checkout Flow

With the Inline QR code option left as-is, the QR code will appear like this in your WooCommerce checkout:

When customers scan the QR code and complete payment on their mobile device, your website will automatically refresh and redirect customers to the payment confirmation page, as set in your WooCommerce settings.

The checkout flow is built to check Stripe for payment confirmation every 5 seconds.

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