Embeddable Payment Buttons (shortcode)

This is an overview of the WeChat Pay and Alipay checkout flow for the Embeddable Payment Buttons using China Payments Plugin.

Embed the following shortcode anywhere on your site to display payment buttons with a popup payment form.

Default shortcode


The payment buttons will look like this:

Embeddable Payment Buttons

The popup payment form fields and payment plans can be customized with the shortcode options below.

Example shortcodes to get started quickly

Basic monthly subscription plan that lets customers enter their own amount:

[wpstripeglobal product_name="Website Maintenance" description="Monthly Plan" subscription="monthly"]

Subscription plan with 3 annual plans in USD that collects all possible payment details:

[wpstripeglobal name="yes" collect_mobile_number="yes" require_billing="yes" require_zip="yes" product_name="Website Hosting" description="The best website hosting!" default_currency="USD" default_amount="99" subscription="annual" default_amount_2="299" default_amount_3="499"]

Shortcode Parameters



Customer Details

Collect customer name


Require billing details (address)


Require zip/postal Code


Collect phone number


Product Details

Form Title Example:

form_title="My Form"

Product Name

product_name="my product"

Product Description

description="monthly hosting"

Product Image

image_url="http://yourdomain.com/img.jpg" ​

Pricing/Plan Details

Designate payment amount

  • If left unused the customer can enter their own payment amount.

  • "99" = 99 of local currency equivalent, no decimals supported yet.


Designate second payment plan option

  • Example:


Designate third payment plan option


Default currency

  • If let unset, the customer will have a choice of all available currencies for that payment method based on the supported currencies in your Stripe account.


Require subscription frequency

  • If left unused, it will be a one-time payment.

  • "any" gives users the choice in a dropdown box.