Setup Process
This is an overview of the Setup Process for China Payments Plugin. The first step is connecting your Stripe account, then you can set up your desired checkout flow.
After installing China Payments Plugin in your WordPress Dashboard, click "China Payments" on the menu bar.
China Payments Menu Option
The Stripe tab allows you to connect your Stripe account using Stripe Connect or by entering your API keys.
China Payments Plugin Settings for Stripe Connect
You must connect your Stripe account in TEST mode and LIVE mode independently.
Ensure all payment methods are fully activated on your Stripe account before setting up the checkout flows below.
Stripe has recently updated their platform to only allow for ONE authorized application at a time. You can easily create a new Stripe account specifically for China Payments Plugin using the same business details from your first Stripe account.
Once you've connected your Stripe account, you can accept payments using any of the following checkout flows:
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