Common WeChat Pay Error Messages
Here are all the error messages we've seen for customers making payments via the Stripe + WeChat Pay integration.

WeChat QR Code doesn't support "long-press"

Seeing this error means that long-pressing the QR code and trying to extract its data is not a method supported by the Stripe + WeChat Pay integration.
Your customers should attempt to physically scan the QR code with the camera function on the WeChat mobile APP.
Long-Pressing the QR Code does not work

Customers Need Verified WeChat Accounts

The Stripe integration used by our plugin only supports payments from verified WeChat Pay accounts. Generally, these are accounts owned by Chinese citizens or citizens with a national ID from a country where WeChat officially operates.
Unverified WeChat users will receive an error message when attempting to make a payment. This is the error message they will see:
Customers who are not verified by an identity card are not allow to pay abroad.

Scanning a QR Code from a Screenshot

The Merchant has completed unusual activity. Currently unable to complete payment by scanning a QR code in a photo.
This means the customer attempted to import the payment QR code into WeChat as a screenshot, which is not supported. Customers must complete checkout by physically scanning the QR code with the camera function in the WeChat app.
Unable to Complete Payment by Scanning a QR Code in a Photo