Troubleshooting Steps

These are the troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve any issues you're experiencing with China Payments Plugin.

If you're having any problems with China Payments Plugin, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps.

Important: Before proceeding, please ensure you have a backup of your website.

  1. Ensure you're running a supported PHP version (7.4+) on your server environment. We have plans to eventually upgrade to PHP 8.X+.

  2. Ensure all plugins, themes, and WordPress are updated to the latest possible versions.

  3. Be sure to download and update to the latest version of China Payments Plugin from your Account area. This portal can be activated with the original email address used for your purchase.

  4. Disconnect and reconnect Stripe in both TEST and LIVE modes, and independently attempt payment in both modes.

    • If attempting Alipay recurring subscription payments, make sure to use the helper plugin.

  5. Ensure that your Stripe account is fully approved and activated. You should double check the Stripe Dashboard to see about any errors or warnings about deactivation, etc. Check your Payment Methods to ensure all required payment methods are turned on properly.

  6. Deactivate all plugins and attempt to reactivate them one by one, testing the bug with each activation. A default WordPress theme should be active during this entire testing process. Ensure you have caching at all levels disabled during testing if possible. Caching may occur at the server level with NGINX or Apache, via browser caching, utilizing caching plugins, and/or any with any CDN's you have active on the site.

  7. If you're still struggling to get the plugin working, reach out to support with the following details:

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