Simple Membership Plugin

This page covers everything you need to know about the China Payments Plugin + Simple Membership Plugin integration.

China Payments Plugin supports accepting payments via WeChat Pay and Alipay with the Simple Membership Plugin.

Once you've configured China Payments Plugin and activated necessary payment methods, go to WP Membership > Payments > Create New Button. Then, select to create a new button with WeChat Pay or Alipay, and click Next.

On the next page, you can customize the following details about the button:

  • Button title

  • Membership level

  • Payment Amount

  • Payment Currency (ensure that it matches either CNY or the default payout currency for your Stripe account)

  • Return URL (the URL your visitors will be redirected upon payment completion)

  • Button Image URL (customize the look of the button with an image instead of text)

Click Save Payment Data, and then copy the shortcode from the Manage Payment Buttons section and put it anywhere on your website where you want members to sign up.

To complete payment, your members must be registered as free users first. This is the default approach taken by the Simple Membership Plugin.

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