2.2 (coming soon)

  • Upgrading to Stripe Payment Intents API with Secure Customer Authentication and 3D Secure

  • Moving WooCommerce settings to the WooCommerce Payments area

2.1.2 (coming soon)

  • Ensuring MemberPress is a PRO feature in all cases (not Business)

  • Update to Freemius SDK pricing page

  • Adding option to remove all plugin data and DB entries on uninstall


  • Fixed credit card payment form redirect issue

  • Fixed currency conversion API bug showing all the time

  • Fixed Alipay checkout icon size

  • Added improved freemium upgrade flow options


  • Updated Settings UI

  • Currency conversion API now supports WooCommerce checkout

  • Bug fixes

  • Freemius SDK Update


  • Modernized the WP Admin upgrade page

  • MemberPress integration