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Changing Amount Placeholder

The default placeholder text for the Payment Amount on the Payment Buttons popup form is "10.00".
Payment Amount Default Placeholder Text is "10.00"
To customize the placeholder text for the Payment Amount, follow these instructions:
  1. 1.
    Go to File Manager or FTP and edit this file in the directory wp-content > plugins > wp-stripe-global-pro > _inc > wpstripeglobal.shortcode.php.
  2. 2.
    On lines 371 and 382, you'll see the text placeholder="10.00". Line 371 controls the placeholder text when using the default_amount shortcode. Line 382 controls the placeholder text for custom amounts (when there is no default amount set). Change the content inside the quotations to whatever string you would like to appear.
We are planning to create a shortcode for this customization. Please note that once you update the plugin, any changes to this file will be lost. You will have to reimplement the changes each time you update the plugin until we have the new shortcode available.